how to make a rag knit sweater: a journey
how to make a rag knit sweater: a journey

how to make a rag knit sweater: a journey

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this is a little bundle for anyone who would like to try their hand at knitting a very simple sweater style, while injecting their own creativity and story into the project. 
Please note that this is not your standard knitting pattern… this is more of an immersive account of the creative journey of an “alternative” knitting project.


if you make the terrific decision to jump onto this order, you will receive a digital e-book emailed to you immediately after you purchase, which is 28 pages of instructional and inspirational text, creative ideas, and beautiful images and photos.

The pages in the digital book discuss every stage that we take to put together a tony chestnut rag knit sweater, from project conception and sourcing tools and materials, to a structured breakdown of how to actually knit your sweater, care for it, and styling ideas for how to wear your masterpiece with confidence.
We’ve also included a list of video links, which will service the more “beginner” knitters, and allow them to approach this project while also learning how to knit!

this digital package would make a perfect gift for anyone in your life who loves to knit, or who would love to start knitting, or who loves to look at beautiful pictures of people interacting with beautiful art.