floral tunic PRE-ORDER

floral tunic PRE-ORDER

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made of the most ridiculously beautiful large floral print fabric, you could walk around looking like a dutch painting. it hangs straight and loose, both flattering and comfortable, and can be worn as a mini dress or layered up and worn as a tunic year-round.

the cousin to the popular, well worn LBD, this guy has a similar fit, while having the added bonus of a super soft, super versatile cotton/linen blend fabric.


PLEASE NOTE: in order to fully make use of the fabric we have, we have decided to make each garment to order. the size measurements below are the basic guidelines for "off the rack" purchases, but all measurements are customizable for this garment. Please reach out to specify any changes to the listed measurements... we are happy to make any changes necessary to make this garment fit your bod.

ALSO NOTE...Because of this pre-order system, orders will take 3 weeks to fill once placed.


*if you are able to pickup your order from a Winnipeg location and would like to avoid the shipping costs, use discount code “Winnipeg” at checkout.



bust: up to 38"

hips: up to 46"

length (shoulder to hem): 34"



bust: up to 43"

hips: up to 50"

length: 34"



bust: up to 47"

hips: up to 53"

length: 34"


*if you are from winnipeg, and would prefer to pick up your order to bypass the shipping charge, use discount code "winnipeg".

*if you have any concerns about sizing, please feel free to let me know, as we are always willing to customize the fit of a garment upon request.