each garment is made to order, unless stated differently.  this allows us to be able to make small adjustments to the garment, should you require and request (i.e.: making the hem a little bit longer, making the bust allowance a little bit bigger).  we allow 2 weeks from the point of order until shipping out the garment to you, however, please let us know if you have any concerns with this timeframe and we will work within your requests if at all possible.

we ship to you (worldwide) from canada, so general customs charges may apply if you are outside of the country.



most garments are available in 3 sizes... xs/s, m/l, and xl. our clothing is meant to be loose-fitting and embrace the free-form mentality, where each body and person will make the garment their own by the way it fits, and the way you choose to wear it.

xs/s generally accommodates canadian sizes 0-6. m/l generally accommodates canadian sizes 8-12. xl generally accommodates canadian sizes 14-18.

please feel free to let us know if you have any questions regarding sizing, or if you think that you don't fit into any of these size windows.  because our garments are made to order, it is generally no problem at all to customize a piece to perfectly fit anyone.


garment care

we will include basic care instructions with each order shipped out. we use many hand-dyed or hand-painted fabrics, as well as details out of wool felt, faux fur, or recycled leather; because of this, many of or garments are dry-clean only.

if the garment has been deemed machine washable, we recommend cold water wash on a gentle cycle, and keeping the washed item out of the often unpredictable dryer (hang or lay flat to dry).

because we know that "real life" happens, and sometimes you wind up with avocado on your breast, all of our fabrics are totally fine to spot-clean... just use a clean rag with a little bit of detergent and warm water, and scrub gently.

take care of your new exciting pieces of clothing, and they will take care of you.


sold out products

if you have your heart set on an item, but it shows that it is currently sold out; please feel free to contact us... if you have the patience, we might be able to make you another, with just a little bit more time.

also, we're always willing to make garments from past collections (given that the fabric is still available), on a custom order basis. just contact us to ask, and we'll do what we can.