eleanor (trousers) in sand
eleanor (trousers) in sand

eleanor (trousers) in sand

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these trousers are the boss of the family.

made out of satin weave cotton (just the right amount of sheen, and a nice amount of structure).

they have stoicism, elegance, and substance... while still being extremely wearable. they'll make you stand a little straighter, walk a little stronger, and chill out a little harder. perfect for a sexy summer date, or taking in a lazy baseball game.

they are a relaxed fit, with a very slight cocoon taper from hip to cuff.

the fit is reminiscent of vintage men's trousers, meant to create a casually glamorous shape and feel. flat front panel, and elastic waistband through the sides and back.

pleats at the front, with a pin tucked seam down the entire length of each front leg, with a double rolled hem.

oh, and hidden side seam pockets, duh. 


* these trousers are wearable year-round... just pair with wool socks, and roll down the cuff.

* drafted from the same pattern as last collection's pearl trousers, just with a slightly straighter, less tapered leg. 



care instructions:

cold water wash and hang to dry. press or steam as desired.




waistband (laying flat): 26"

*elastic can stretch up to 34", this must fit over hips.

hips (laying flat): 44"

inseam (crotch to double rolled hem): 23.5"



waistband (laying flat): 28"

*elastic can stretch up to 38", this must fit over hips.

hips (laying flat): 48"

inseam (crotch to unrolled hem): 24.5"



waistband (laying flat): 32"

*elastic can stretch up to 42", this must fit over hips.

hips (laying flat): 50"

inseam (crotch to unrolled hem): 26"



waistband (laying flat): 37"

*elastic can stretch up to 46", this must fit over hips

hips (laying flat): 52"

inseam (crotch to unrolled hem): 26"



waistband (laying flat): 40"

*elastic can stretch up to 50", this must fit over hips.

hips (laying flat): 54"

inseam (crotch to unrolled hem): 27"



waistband (laying flat): 43"

*elastic can stretch up to 55", this must fit over hips.

hips (laying flat): 57"

inseam (crotch to unrolled hem): 27"





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